Friday, June 25, 2010

Farmer's Market : Beware

We finally had the chance to get down to the "local" Kansas City Farmer's Market. This is the place that is supposedly filled with fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers growing their crops the natural way. Yet, we discovered a sad truth while we were there.

Many shoppers don't realize that the fruits and vegetables they are buying are almost always from a large farm (even industrialized operations) that isn't local. We were unable to locate a single vendor that sold local produce without pesticides. The information booth was also unable to provide a list of vendors who followed a natural growth process. One vedor we talked to was selling fruits and vegetables he bought from "a guy in Arkansas" and drove up here to sell it. He said, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure the guy we got em from sprays em".

Needless to say, we were very disappointed (and left empty handed). I have much higher hopes for the Drum Farm Local Market and the 39th St. Market. I'm excited to talk with some of their vendors....

Word of advice: Make sure you talk with the produce vendor about the food you are buying. You could be buying the same pesticide and petroleum fertilized produce (from 1000+ miles away) they sell at the supermarket.